py21cmfast.wrapper.calibrate_photon_cons(astro_params, flag_options, regenerate, hooks, direc, init_boxes: py21cmfast.outputs.InitialConditions | None = None, user_params: py21cmfast.inputs.UserParams | None = None, cosmo_params: py21cmfast.inputs.CosmoParams | None = None, **global_kwargs)[source]

Set up the photon non-conservation correction.

Scrolls through in redshift, turning off all flag_options to construct a 21cmFAST calibration reionisation history to be matched to the analytic expression from solving the filling factor ODE.

  • user_params (~UserParams, optional) – Defines the overall options and parameters of the run.

  • astro_params (AstroParams, optional) – Defines the astrophysical parameters of the run.

  • cosmo_params (CosmoParams, optional) – Defines the cosmological parameters used to compute initial conditions.

  • flag_options (FlagOptions, optional) – Options concerning how the reionization process is run, eg. if spin temperature fluctuations are required.

  • init_box (InitialConditions, optional) – If given, the user and cosmo params will be set from this object, and it will not be re-calculated.

  • **global_kwargs – Any attributes for GlobalParams. This will temporarily set global attributes for the duration of the function. Note that arguments will be treated as case-insensitive.

Other Parameters:

regenerate, write – See docs of initial_conditions() for more information.