py21cmfast.wrapper.brightness_temperature(*, ionized_box, perturbed_field, spin_temp=None, write=None, regenerate=None, direc=None, hooks=None, **global_kwargs) BrightnessTemp[source]

Compute a coeval brightness temperature box.

  • ionized_box (IonizedBox) – A pre-computed ionized box.

  • perturbed_field (PerturbedField) – A pre-computed perturbed field at the same redshift as ionized_box.

  • spin_temp (TsBox, optional) – A pre-computed spin temperature, at the same redshift as the other boxes.

  • **global_kwargs – Any attributes for GlobalParams. This will temporarily set global attributes for the duration of the function. Note that arguments will be treated as case-insensitive.


BrightnessTemp instance.