py21cmfast.cache_tools.list_datasets(*, direc=None, kind=None, hsh=None, seed=None, redshift=None)[source]

Yield all datasets which match a given set of filters.

Can be used to determine parameters of all cached datasets, in conjunction with readbox().

  • direc (str, optional) – The directory in which to search for the boxes. By default, this is the centrally-managed directory, given by the config.yml in .21cmfast.

  • kind (str, optional) – Filter by this kind (one of {“InitialConditions”, “PerturbedField”, “IonizedBox”, “TsBox”, “BrightnessTemp”}

  • hsh (str, optional) – Filter by this hsh.

  • seed (str, optional) – Filter by this seed.

  • fname (str) – The filename of the dataset (without directory).

  • parts (tuple of strings) – The (kind, hsh, seed) of the data set.