py21cmfast.cache_tools.readbox(*, direc=None, fname=None, hsh=None, kind=None, seed=None, redshift=None, load_data=True)[source]

Read in a data set and return an appropriate object for it.

  • direc (str, optional) – The directory in which to search for the boxes. By default, this is the centrally-managed directory, given by the config.yml in ~/.21cmfast/.

  • fname (str, optional) – The filename (without directory) of the data set. If given, this will be preferentially used, and must exist.

  • hsh (str, optional) – The md5 hsh of the object desired to be read. Required if fname not given.

  • kind (str, optional) – The kind of dataset, eg. “InitialConditions”. Will be the name of a class defined in wrapper. Required if fname not given.

  • seed (str or int, optional) – The random seed of the data set to be read. If not given, and filename not given, then a box will be read if it matches the kind and hsh, with an arbitrary seed.

  • load_data (bool, optional) – Whether to read in the data in the data set. Otherwise, only its defining parameters are read.


dataset – An output object, whose type depends on the kind of data set being read.

  • IOError : – If no files exist of the given kind and hsh.

  • ValueError : – If either fname is not supplied, or both kind and hsh are not supplied.