Output class objects.

The classes provided by this module exist to simplify access to large datasets created within C. Fundamentally, ownership of the data belongs to these classes, and the C functions merely accesses this and fills it. The various boxes and lightcones associated with each output are available as instance attributes. Along with the output data, each output object contains the various input parameter objects necessary to define it.


These should not be instantiated or filled by the user, but always handled as output objects from the various functions contained here. Only the data within the objects should be accessed.


AngularLightcone(redshift, distances, ...[, ...])

An angular lightcone.

BrightnessTemp(*[, astro_params, flag_options])

A class containing the brightness temperature box.

Coeval(redshift, initial_conditions, ...[, ...])

A full coeval box with all associated data.

HaloField(*[, astro_params, flag_options])

A class containing all fields related to halos.

InitialConditions(*[, user_params, cosmo_params])

A class containing all initial conditions boxes.

IonizedBox(*[, prev_ionize_redshift])

A class containing all ionized boxes.

LightCone(redshift, distances, user_params, ...)

A full Lightcone with all associated evolved data.

PerturbHaloField(*[, astro_params, flag_options])

A class containing all fields related to halos.

PerturbedField(*[, user_params, cosmo_params])

A class containing all perturbed field boxes.

TsBox(*[, prev_spin_redshift, ...])

A class containing all spin temperature boxes.