Input parameter classes.

There are four input parameter/option classes, not all of which are required for any given function. They are UserParams, CosmoParams, AstroParams and FlagOptions. Each of them defines a number of variables, and all of these have default values, to minimize the burden on the user. These defaults are accessed via the _defaults_ class attribute of each class. The available parameters for each are listed in the documentation for each class below.

Along with these, the module exposes global_params, a singleton object of type GlobalParams, which is a simple class providing read/write access to a number of parameters used throughout the computation which are very rarely varied.


validate_all_inputs(user_params, cosmo_params)

Cross-validate input parameters from different structs.


AstroParams(*args[, INHOMO_RECO])

Astrophysical parameters.

CosmoParams(*args[, _base_cosmo, Om0, ...])

Cosmological parameters (with defaults) which translates to a C struct.

FlagOptions(*args, **kwargs)

Flag-style options for the ionization routines.

GlobalParams(wrapped, ffi)

Global parameters for 21cmFAST.

UserParams(*args, **kwargs)

Structure containing user parameters (with defaults).



Error when two parameters from different structs aren't consistent.