py21cmfast.plotting.coeval_sliceplot(struct: py21cmfast.outputs._OutputStruct | py21cmfast.outputs.Coeval, kind: str | None = None, cbar_label: str | None = None, **kwargs)[source]

Show a slice of a given coeval box.

  • struct (_OutputStruct or Coeval instance) – The output of a function such as ionize_box (a class containing several quantities), or run_coeval.

  • kind (str) – The quantity within the structure to be shown. A full list of available options can be obtained by running Coeval.get_fields().

  • cbar_label (str, optional) – A label for the colorbar. Some values of kind will have automatically chosen labels, but these can be turned off by setting cbar_label=''.


fig, ax – figure and axis objects from matplotlib

Other Parameters:
  • All other parameters are passed directly to :func:`_imshow_slice`. These include `slice_axis`

  • and `slice_index`,

  • which choose the actual slice to plot, optional `fig` and `ax` keywords which enable

  • over-plotting previous figures,

  • and the `imshow_kw` argument, which allows arbitrary styling of the plot.